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Fee Structure

We understand that the fees associated with cross-chain swaps can be a concern for our users, so we make it transparent and easy-to-understand for you.

At UXUY, we are committed to providing transparent and competitive fee structures for our swap product. During the swapping process, various types of fees are incurred, including but not limited to the network fee, the swap fee charged by UXUY, and/or the swap fee charged by decentralized exchanges.

A very small portion of the transaction amount is taken as the transaction fee. Please refer to below for more detail.

Network Fee

The network fee is the transaction fee charged by the blockchain network (UXUY does not profit from network fees) in order to sustain the vast networks of computers underpinning the blockchain and ensure their security. Network fees are set by the network and fluctuate based on network traffic and transaction complexity. Users can refer to the network's official website or blockchain explorer for more information on the current network fee. For easier understanding and interaction, UXUY set three network fee ranges:

  • Low: Transaction confirmation is estimated to take less than 5 minutes. However, if you set the transaction fee to Low, there is a possibility that your transaction may fail to submit.
  • Normal (default): Transaction confirmation is estimated to take less than 3 minutes. This is the default setting.
  • Fast: Transaction confirmation is estimated to take less than 30 seconds, but a higher network fee is required for faster transaction submission compared to the Normal range.

Transaction Fee

The transaction fee is the fee charged for every single-chain and cross-chain swap transaction fee on UXUY. The transaction fee is fixed at 0.3% of the total transaction amount.

There is lower bound in the Fee Structure to ensure that UXUY can afford gas fees and will not impose any surcharges upon users. Please refer to below table

src.chain / tgt. chainEthereumTronBNB ChainArbitrumPolygonOptimismAvalancheFantom
Ethereum$15Coming Soon$0.5$0.2$0.2$0.5$0.5$0.2
TronComing Soon$0.2Coming SoonComing SoonComing SoonComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon
BNB Chain$15Coming Soon$0.5$0.2$0.2$0.5$0.5$0.2
Arbitrum$15Coming Soon$0.5$0.2$0.2$0.5$0.5$0.2
Polygon$15Coming Soon$0.5$0.2$0.2$0.5$0.5$0.2
Optimism$15Coming Soon$0.5$0.2$0.2$0.5$0.5$0.2
Avalanche$15Coming Soon$0.5$0.2$0.2$0.5$0.5$0.2
Fantom$15Coming Soon$0.5$0.2$0.2$0.5$0.5$0.2