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Protocol Highlights

We aim to elevate your crypto trading experience by providing secure, profitable, intelligent protocol to effortlessly access hybrid cross-chain liquidity in one place.

To provide users with the most convenient and fastest cross-chain swap process, UXUY provides Swap, U Pool, API and pre-built widget. Our stablecoin-centric protocol, UXUY, is designed to empower users to easily and securely access hybrid cross-chain liquidity in one platform. Whether you are a trader, an investor, or a liquidity provider, our protocol offers you the flexibility to execute trades quickly and seamlessly across multiple blockchains.

With UXUY, cross-chain swaps are lightning fast and hassle-free. You can trade any token at any time without worrying about liquidity fragmentation. Our liquidity aggregation feature allows you to access liquidity from multiple sources and execute trades with the best possible rates. This ensures that you get the most competitive pricing for your trades and helps you maximize your profits.

We understand that integrations can be a challenge for many platforms. That's why we've made it easy for you to integrate UXUY with your existing website and DApp. Our API offers the freedom of customizing UI but empowers you with the strong functionalities of UXUY protocol, making it easy and to build your own custom integrations. We also offer pre-built widgets that you can easily embed in your website or application, providing your users with a seamless trading experience.

At UXUY, security is our top priority. We have implemented the latest security measures to protect your funds and personal information. Our protocol is non-custodial, meaning that you retain full control of your assets at all times. Our smart contract technology ensures that all trades are executed in a transparent and secure manner, without the need for intermediaries.

Stablecoin Centric

By leveraging stablecoin-based bridges, UXUY makes trading between any cryptocurrencies pair possible.

We believe stablecoin-centric bridges are the most effective means of achieving cross-chain trading. So we are building the U Pool product, which is a stablecoin-centric bridges, maintains an efficient cross-chain liquidity pool as a pillar of UXUY protocol.

Cross Chain

UXUY protocol supports multiple chains, including but not limited to Ethereum Mainnet, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche and Tron. And we are continuously expanding our supported chains.

At UXUY, we firmly believe in the potential of multi-chain solutions, and we anticipate a future where thousands of assets will be issued on different chains daily. By providing a reliable and secure protocol that supports a vast array of chains, we enable you to access an even wider selection of assets and capitalize on the explosive growth of decentralized finance. Experience the power of UXUY and be well-prepared to pursue your crypto ventures in the upcoming multi-chain era.

Liquidity Aggregation

With UXUY interoperability protocol that aggregates trending DEXs and Bridges. UXUY scan all possible routes and find your bargain with the best rate.

Aggregating liquidity is the most effective way to achieve better trading depth. At UXUY, we are dedicated to continuously adding in new liquidity providers on all blockchain networks to ensure the best possible trading route for our users. UXUY protocol aggregates liquidity from multiple DEXs, inluding but not limited to Uniswap, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap and SunSwap.

Easy to Integrate

Our versatile APIs and libraries let you combine the simplicity of prebuilt cross-chain swap components with the freedom of custom UIs.

NEVER reinvent the wheel, you don't have to spend several months to integrate disparate bridges and DEXs, free your team to focus on building your DApp. UXUY provides you with the tools to easily integrate our protocol into your existing infrastructure.

With detailed API documentation and integration examples, access to multi-chain has never been easier. With our pre-built widgets, you can add cross-chain swaps to your platform in minutes.