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Brand & Logo

Guidlines and downloadable assets like the UXUY logo


The UXUY log download can be found at the bottom of this page, but please make sure you have read the guidlines first. You can use UXUY's Brand Assets when you are:

  • referring to our produts and services
  • Linking to our official site or products, such as Trade on UXUY
  • Announcing an official partnership if and only if your have official approval by a qulified member of the UXUY team


  • Use the official logo provided by us.
  • Maintain the aspect ratio of the logo.
  • Use the logo in its original colors, or in white or black if necessary.
  • Make sure the logo is legible and clearly visible.
  • Leave enough space around the logo so it doesn't appear cluttered or cramped.
  • Use the logo in a way that does not imply endorsement or affiliation with other brands or products.


  • Don't use our Brand Assets in your products' name, logo, NFTs, etc.

    • For example, making an app called "UXUY Engine" or "UXUY Pool" are not allowed.
    • Don't use the UXUY logo in whole or in part as part of your products' logos, marketing material, website, or other.