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DEX Guide


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Beware of phishing scams and fake websites that may attempt to steal your personal information or assets. To ensure your safety and security, always double-check the website address and verify that you are on the correct page before entering any sensitive information or performing any transactions.

At UXUY, you can trade any cryptocurrency without the hassle of creating centralized exchange accounts, undergoing KYC identity verification, and other cumbersome procedures.


UXUY is a leading decentralized cross-chain liquidity aggregation protocol. It enables cross-DEX trading, features built-in cross-chain liquidity bridges, supports users in making cross-chain transactions, includes a Gaspool for gasless transactions, and offers a decentralized cross-chain aggregation trading platform that provides users with a decentralized experience similar to centralized exchanges.

Advantages Overview

Cross-DEX Trading: Regardless of which decentralized exchange you're on, UXUY connects you to global DEXs, enabling cross-DEX trading for greater liquidity and better exchange rate matching. Built-in Cross-Chain Liquidity Bridge: Our protocol features a robust cross-chain liquidity bridge that allows you to seamlessly transfer assets between different blockchains without the need for complex steps. User-Friendly: UXUY focuses on user experience, providing you with a simple, intuitive interface that makes cross-chain trading easy, without worrying about technical details. Built-in Gaspool: We introduce Gaspool, allowing you to enjoy fee-free transactions, reducing the barrier to entry for decentralized trading and providing you with the ultimate decentralized exchange experience.