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GasPool - Enabling Transfers and Transactions Without Gas

In UXUY, you don't need Gas to perform transfers. UXUY comes with a built-in Gaspool, allowing you to conduct on-chain transactions like transfers without the need for Gas.

Download UXUX now to get your Gaspool limit instantly.

As it is well known, traditional EOA wallets require Gas Fees for all on-chain interactions, and MPC wallets are no exception. Both types of wallets are decentralized, and all on-chain interactions require Gas.

In line with our commitment to the idea that 'even novice users should be able to use a wallet,' we have developed the Gaspool wallet infrastructure. This significantly lowers the entry barrier for wallet users and achieves a 'zero' threshold wallet that can be used even by novices.

Comparison with Gas-Free Competitors

Below are two images comparing the user experience between competitors and UXUY when it comes to gas-free transactions.


UXUY's Advantages:  With user needs at the core, it enables you to complete on-chain transactions in various scenarios.